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Clive and the Rope Swing - Gift Aid Declaration

Clive and the Rope Swing – Dedicatory Single

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Immediately after Clive’s cremation, George Styles took his guitar to the studio and wrote a song. One of the many fond memories he had from his days in Scouts was of Clive on a Scout camp at Beaver Lodge in the Forest of Dean. Somebody had built a rope swing over the campsite stream. Anyone who knew Clive was aware that he was a rather robust individual, and so it was to our great amusement when he decided to have a go on the swing, dutifully snapping the rope and falling flat on his back in the middle of the stream!

George thought it made a rather good analogy for life.

Life is a river. Everyone chooses what to do with it. Some people like to fish. Others enjoying sitting peacefully beside it, or swimming within it. Some will spend their time polluting it and taking it for granted. And some people will build a rope swing, to have as much fun as physically possible with their time. Unfortunately, sometimes, the rope breaks before we reach the other side. But at least we have as much fun as possible on the journey…

George has now released Clive and the Rope Swing as a single and would like any proceeds for its download to be donated to the Clive Winder Wall Fund.

Bank details for donations are on the Gift Aid form downloadable above and other details on the song’s page.

You Find more about "Clive and the Rope Swing" here along with the artist.