1st Abbots Langley (3rd North Watford)

Scouting activities carrying on under the restrictions advised by the Scout Associates (Scouting HQ Regulations) and where we can we will invite new members from our joining list and will look to bring the section back up to fuill strength as soon as we can.


Group Scout Leader

A Group Scout Leader (GSL) is responsible for “the continuity and development of training in Sections of the Group”, “the development of Scouting in the Group's catchment area” and “for supporting all the adults who work within the Group”

Job Description
Fundrasing and Events Co-Ordinator

The Fundraising Co-Ordinator provides the focus on any fund raising and ad-hoc events, identifying - what needs to be done - why you want to do it -what you need the money for - what the benefits will be, together with the logistical planning and framework of how an event will take place. They work with the fundraising Sub-Committee to achieve this and liaise with the Executive Committee for requirements and progress.

Job Description
Fundraising Sub
Sub-Comittee Member

These people are part of the team supporting the Fundraising Co-Ordinator. Ideally the team will split into smaller groups for individual events meaning not everyone needs to get involved with every fundraising project.

Job Description
Facilities Co-Ordinator

The Facilities Co-ordinator is responsible for the HQ Building, its maintenance, hiring and cleaning. His sub-team of supporters may have multiple roles within the team, with the view that many hands make light work and it should not fall on one particular individual’s shoulders all of the time. The overall aim is to improve and maintain the condition of the premises the Scout Group uses and ensure compliance with health and safety requirements and any other regulation appertaining to the use of the premises.

Job Description
Hall and Climbing Wall
Bookings Co-Ordinator

A role to liaise with Group Sections, potential clients and the Executive Committee for the hire of the premises and its equipment, if appropriate. Whilst bookings need to be central, other jobs such as access, overseeing cleaners etc can be undertaken by a group of people willing to share the tasks around external commitments and circumstances.

Job Description
HQ Maintenance Team Member

A dedicated group of people who can be called on to undertake maintenance tasks (currently twice a year), but determined by ongoing requirements.

Transport Co-Ordinator

It is the responsibility of the Transport Co-ordinator to look after the Group’s transport assets – vehicle/s and trailer/s, and ensure they is kept in a safe, legal condition. To provide the contact for minibus hire, maintain the accounts, and a list of permitted drivers. This includes planning for training to ensure there are sufficient numbers and compliance for drivers within the group.

Job Description

The Group’s website plays a vital role in promoting the Scout Group and communicating to its members. A project to relaunch the current website on a purpose-built platform has been identified.

  • Identify a platform on which to achieve this.
  • Identify requirements for new site
  • Design the basic layout to be presented to the Executive committee (could still follow the current layout)
  • Work on the website with a view to relaunching in September 2021
  • Additionally, once this project is complete the WebMaster might like to stay on and assist the current Website Co-Ordinator with the ongoing tasks of the role:

    Job Description